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    Customer Testimonials

      From: Humane Society of Atchison
    I have been designing web sites for years, usually I write my own codes. Browsing around I stumbled across this site that offers pre-designed templates.
    Our company just loved the deisign of one template in paticular although we seen many beautiful templates offered.
    Dan was kind enough to donate to a non-profit service that needs all the help we can get.
    When I began redesigning the site, the coding is so clean I was simply amazed. I designed an entire site in a little over a day with the great template.
    Not only is the coding clean and precise, I was able to set this template up to update my our entire site with just 3 files.
    I encourage anyone to use the templates from this site, very easy to follow coding.
    Humane Society of Atchison
      From: Jeremy
    Wow!! I wasn't expecting this to get back to me in only 1 hr 10 min. I would like to thank you for your quick responses to all my emails. This is the fastest service I have gotten from an online business in a long time. The customizations were perfect for what I needed them for and everything looks GREAT.
      From: Acer Colt
    I loved your artwork/templates but wanted some customization. I asked for your input and you were great! In a day you had given me two choices. You delivered a great template the next day. Maybe the best part was the great FLASH entry page you created. You worked fast yet it was expertly executed. Your creativity and professionalism made the project a pleasure. Thanks for all you help,
      From: Wayne H., Indiana
    Dan, you have transformed my website from looking like a Model T Ford into a Ferrari. I could never have done this without your excellent web template services. Thanks a bunch!
      From: Ryan
    Dan,Thank you very much. This template is probably the best design based from the XP theme that I have seen. Have a wonderful new year.
      From: Dave
    Thank you for your professional work. I will definitely use you again if the need arises.
      From: Manfred
    I am very impressed about the templates you have created and I dowloaded one for my website www.cipress.net It is for a non-profit work I do. All the pages have a link to your website. I have never seen such professional work in the years I work as a journalist.
      From: Kevin
    Thanks, This was exactly what I was looking for. I will definately be doing business again with you in the very near future.
      From: Mike W.
    ......... BTW - I did a lot of searching on the web looking at templates. Most of the designs I came across either resembled a graphics "busy box" or a badly designed flourescent game console. Your designs are among the most appealing, functional and aesthetically pleasing I've ever seen. You really are a "graphic designer." Most of the people advertising as such are not. But hey, what do I know?! 8^)
      From: Saul
    It's 2 years I surf the Net looking for templates. The ones you are giving away for free are the best free ones I've ever seen.Keep up the good work!
      From: Keith
    I like your templates... You should sell some on eBay to get the word out about your great designs.
      From: Brent
    I just wanted to say that you make beauiful web templates! =)
      From: Mike
    I love 'Modern Layout 1'. Very nice, clean, and the screen real estate is well utilized.
      From: Rudy
    Thanks for your help on my site it looks great with your template.
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