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    FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)
    Licensing - Template - Graphics - Web Developers - Payment - Product Delivery

    The following are frequently asked questions about our template licensing, terms and customization requests which we may have. We hope this FAQ may be helpful to you. If you still have unanswered question, please do not hesitate to contact us.

    Licensing FAQ

    How do I know whether I want a non-exclusive template license or exclusive?
    1) Do you not want other web sites to use the same template? If so, an "exclusive-use license" is what you need. 
    2) Is cost a factor? If so, consider purchasing a non-exclusive use license.

    If I buy an "exclusive use license" will I be the only one using the template?
    Absolutely. Once an exclusive use license is purchased, the template is removed from our database.

    Can I buy a non-exclusive license to a template first and then upgrade to exclusive later?
    No. After a non-exclusive license is purchased, the template can never be sold as exclusive.

    I saw a template a few days ago that I wanted to buy, however, it is no longer listed in your gallery. Can I still buy it?
    No. If the template is no longer listed, it has been sold as exclusive.

    Do I have to link to templates.songlam.com or www.allwebtemplate.com when I purchase a license?
    No. Of course, we would love it if you did. We do not require our licensees to link to us or mention our site on their site.

    Template FAQ

    Do the navigation links appear on each subsequent page?
    Actually, what you receive is one or two HTML pages (as shown in the preview). The licensee then creates each page for their web site using the template page. This gives your site consistency so your visitors will know at all times they are still at your site. So in effect, yes. The navigational links and graphics shown in the template will be on each page you create from the template.

    Are your templates compatible with FrontPage, Dreamweaver, GoLive, any other HTML editors and Notepad?  

    I see a template I like, but I would rather have it in corporate blue. Can I get it in a different color?  
    Yes. Complete our template customization quote form and we will send you a cost estimate for the change. In most cases (depending on the template layout) the change may be free or for a small fee.

    I see a template I like, but I want it laid out with the navigational bar on top, the logo in a different place and a few other changes. Is that possible, and how much does that cost?  
    Yes. Complete our template customization quote form and we will send you a cost estimate for the change. Please be as explicit as possible with the template changes.

    I would like a company template created using our company logo, how much would that cost?  
    We take every individual company's needs for a web template in consideration when quoting a cost. We cannot answer a generic question such as this without knowing more explicit details about what your template needs are. We can tell you that if you want your customized template to be exclusive, the starting cost will be $400.00 USD for the license and design/development time or consultation time.

    I bought a template license, but my client wants a different one now. Can I trade?  
    Sorry, but no. Due to the type of service we provide, refunds or exchanges are not possible.

    I am not proficiently experienced with HTML, but I want to purchase one of your templates because I love it. If I run into problems with the template, can you help me?  
    We try to provide a reasonable amount of help or consultation time in direct relationship to our templates. If you run into a problem, feel free to contact us, and we will try to troubleshoot the problem for you. However, if it runs into extensive amount of time, we will have to charge hourly consulation fees. Keep in mind, that if you are not comfortable with editing the source code yourself or adding your page content to one of our templates, we can provide this service for you at a reasonable rate.

    Can you look at my web site and advise which of your templates would work best for it?  
    Sure! We would be glad to recommend an effective template for your site. After you have purchased one of our predesigned templates, we can also provide a critique service to help you improve the web content you have added, page load time, over all cosmetics and layout, etc. for a minimal fee.

    Template Graphics FAQ

    Your website URL is listed on some templates preview. Will it be on the template when I receive it?
    No. The template preview images are digitally watermarked with our company logo for copyright purposes.

    Do the template graphics come separately so I can make more images like buttons and logos from them?  
    No. The images within the templates may not be extracted, colored or disassembled to create other images from them. 
    -- Yes, you can make your own buttons, images or add your logo to existing graphics.

    Do I get the original template design when I purchase the template?
    No, but you can buy it from Template Customization Form for $10.00 each. We offer either Macromedia Fireworks format or Adobe Photoshop format, please indicate the format you want.

    Are your graphics compatible with Photoshop?  
    Absolutely. Our graphics can easily be opened and text applied in any graphics editing program.

    I am creating a template CD to sell. Can I use the graphics I purchased from you in those templates?  
    No. The web templates may be used for your own and/or your clients' websites, but you may not put them on a diskette, CD, website or any other medium and offer them for redistribution or resale without permission from Dan's Web Template.

    Web Developers FAQ

    I am a web developer. I often purchase third-party templates for my clients' web sites from quality designers, because I do not create my own graphics. Is it okay if I use your templates for my clients' web sites? If so, can I charge whatever price I want for the template?  
    If you purchase a non-exclusive license for a template for your client, you MUST inform your client that the template design they are purchasing is "non-exclusive" and that other sites may be using the same design. 99.9% of our web developer customers purchase "exclusive licenses" to templates, so that they do not have to pass along this bit of revealing information to their own clients. Please keep in mind, however, that you may NOT put your own credits on the template/graphics and claim the design work as your own. Marking up the prices of our templates for you to make a reasonable profit is fine.

    Would you consider developing XXX amount of templates for my company for exclusive resell purposes by us?  
    Yes. We provide subcontracting work in web template development to other companies in larger quantities at a fee below. Contact us with your specific needs and formal, written proposal.

    Web Graphic Design$15 / hour
    Web Programming (ASP, DHTML, Javascript)$15 / hour
    Database Development (Access, MS SQL, mySQL)$15 / hour
    Flash/Logo Design Work$15 / hour
    Website Content Maintainence$15 / hour

    Payment FAQ

    Can I pay by company check rather than credit card or PayPal?  
    We accept PayPal, credit card and money order. We do not accept personal checks.

    Product Delivery FAQ

    When can I receive the template I paid for? 
    All templates will be delivered to your email address with a download link immediatly. If you didn't receive the download email or had problem to download the template, please contact us as soon as possible.

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